Our Installation


Jet towers of capacity 1500 TR
Used​ for Ammonium Perchlorate Experimental Plant (APEP) which manufactures fuel Oxidiser for all units of ISRO

Chemical Process

Single Jet tower for multi machines.

For HVAC Plant at IT Park

Jet Tower of Capacity 225 TR
Replacement of fan type as a Noise Free Tower : complaints from residential area
AC PLANT supplied by Voltas.


Jet tower capacity: 1000m3/hr x 4 Towers
Application: Urea/Ammonia

For DG Set

Single Jet tower of capacity 450m3/hr

Detergent Plant

Two jet towers, each of capacity 250 CUM/HR
Used for detergent powder manufacturing process.
The water carries soap particles

Chemical Process

Jet tower of capacity 300 CUM/HR
Used for Sulfuric Acid manufacturing process.

Fertiliser Plant

Jet tower capacity: 1000m3/hr x 4 Towers
Application : Urea / Ammonia

Process Cooling

Jet tower capacity: 120m3/hr
Application: Condensate Cooling

Sugar Mill

Jet tower capacity: 900m3/hr x 2 Towers
Application: Sugar

Steel Plant

Jet tower capacity: 1000m3/hr x 5 Towers
Application: STEEL

Power Generation Plant

Jet tower capacity: 1250m3/hr x 2 Towers
Application: Power Generation

PSU – Refinery in Coastal Belt

Requirement: Energy saving & maintenance free
Reason: Quick Payback Period
Solution: One Jet tower of 550 m3/hr capacity was installed

Food Industry

Jet tower of capacity 60 CUM/HR
Used for Food Industry – Rasgulla cooling line.
4 pass drift eliminators to minimize drift loss.